Schwartz Fitness Program

Phase i: Accumulation & Awareness

Phase iI: Results

-Get to know you and how your body responds

-Learn what has and has not worked for you in the past

-Getting down to the real reason you can't lose the weight you have always dreamed of ​(stress overconsumption, not knowing where to start, feeling overwhelmed, etc.)

-Start with a progress photo, measurements, and an initial assessment form

-Learn how to track your food and using a food scale

-No kcal goal given, we'll focus on learning serving sizes and how to track your intake

Phase iII: Recovery

-After results are achieved through diet, recovery begins

-Reverse diet to get up to sustainable kcal level (no one wants to be on low kcal ​restrictions forever)

-Phase III centered on getting you to eat more of the foods you enjoy while keeping the ​weight off

-Attack weight loss goals head-on

-Use MyFitnessPal to track kcals, protein and fiber

-Start weight loss process or reverse diet to get you a more reasonable kcal level

-Start feeling increased energy levels and clothes fitting better

-Weight loss will begin

-Fully customized workout plan based on your goals

Phase iV: Future Proofing

-Achieved a repaired metabolism

-Taking away food intake tracking and food scales to teach you how to keep progress ​without relying on these tools

-Learn how to keep the weight off that you've worked so hard to lose while still enjoying ​social events, family functions, birthdays, weddings, etc.

-Phase IV centered on teaching you how to keep the results you've worked so hard to ​achieve with me and give you the skillset to be successful without me

Your time spent at each of these phases will depend on your goals and progress.