"Just wanted to say thank you for all the help you've provided. Takeaway from these past 4 weeks I've lost 3 solid pounds and feel great!! Been on top of weekly meetings and have helped if I've had any questions or stretches needed. Can't wait to hit the platform and bring you with!! Excited to see what the next month brings."

"I've been working with Nate for 10 weeks and I am incredibly thankful I did! As a former college athlete I have always loved fitness, but the past few years I started to lose that spark. However, once I started working with Nate, he helped me believe in myself again and gave me just the right amount of support and accountability I needed! If you're thinking of working with him, don't wait!"

Client Testimonials




"For years, I wanted to start going to the gym, but never know where to start! Nate has helped me get over the fear of 'gymtimidation'. He has helped me start from square one of my fitness journey. Now, I enjoy going to workout!"


"Even though I'm a dietitian and personal trainer myself, I wasn't making the progress that I wanted to see in my physique and fitness goals. Since working with Nathan my progress has accelerated tenfold. I made more progress working with him in the first two weeks than I have on my own in the past two years. Nathan is truly an amazing coach!"


"As a runner I tend to avoid strength training - I would rather be out running! I reached out to Nathan because I knew I needed the accountability of a strength program to work within my running program! He has helped me incorporate a great lifting program to improve my weak areas and to prevent running

injuries! I am thankful for Nathan for understanding my ​running goals and keeping me strong and healthy!"


"After some time now working with Nathan, I'm amazed by the strength in my physical and mental state that he has motivated me to develop. Not only am I losing weight, but I'm gaining strength, which is important to me! I have no regrets going into his 1:1 programs and would encourage anyone who is ready to take fitness "

and health to the next level to join his coaching!

I can't wait to see what the future holds!"



out. He has helped me be my best self and encouragement is always at the top of his list. My personal growth in and out of the gym has been amazing. Thank you Nathan!!"

"I had a physical last week and they did blood work & my cholesterol was down a good amount from what it was last year. It was in the normal range this year rather than being slightly elevated."

"I second guessed my decision to work with Nathan for a couple of reasons. However he quickly proved my decision to work with him a true benefit. He has taken the time to learn about women and how best to workout. Listened to my want and do not want list and really listens when I am not liking something in my work-"


"My entire life I only measured my success in the gym with a scale. Ever since working out with Nathan, he has taught me to celebrate non-victory scales such as certain clothes fitting when they used to never zip up. Seeing these certain changes with Nathan's help has made me continue to stay motivated to keep getting 1% better each day until I reach my weight loss goal."

Katie & Alex

"Nate taught us that you don't have to sacrifice the foods you love to lose the weight you want. A big thing we've taken away from our time working with him is creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle!"


"Why Schwartz Fitness: If you're someone that struggled with your weight your entire life and feel like you've tried everything, this is the perfect solution for you. Nate goes the extra mile to make sure that you don't feel like you're restricted. He ensures that you're fueling your body. Also understands that life happens and gets you back on the wagon. I

am thankful for his accountability to my journey. I am thankful that he does not look at this as a quick fix. He tells you upfront that this is going to be a slow process so that you don't ever have to do it again. It's not a diet, it's learning to live the way that you should. I am thankful for the weekly calls. Whenever you are too hard on yourself, Nate will find a win for the week! There have been many times that I don't see a win and he is very quick to point out something that has gone well. I am thankful to be on this journey and to have Nate by my side to encourage me to keep going and that I'm doing okay! Many weeks I even get to hear how  'I'm crushing it!'"